Coffee Beans don't exist,
and Orange does have a Rhyme.

Coffee Beans and Other Lies

Coffee Beans and other Lies is the ground-breaking new exposé from Lewis Goddard, brutally debunking everything from common misconceptions, to downright porkies.

With over 100 hundred Myths, Lies, Legends and Misconceptions, this book is surely a must have for any self-respecting human being.

Coffee Beans and other Lies is not limited by mundane things, such as references, or, indeed, taste. In fact, the entire book is basically a list of things you've been ignorant about for the preceding portion of our life.

Lies, Misconceptions, Myths and Urban Legends.

Coffee Beans don't exist. Orange does have a rhyme. Oh, and the British certainly don't have bad teeth.

Penguins aren't as romantic as the hipsters made out, there have really been a fair few Polish geniuses, and the French have better records than some heavyweight champions. Intrigued yet? Stockbrokers don't know what they're doing, and neither do Weather People.

Still think there are 50 States in the USA?

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