Having taken over control of some eustasy projects, a collaborative resources and learning organisation for both budding and more experienced web developers and designers, I quickly constructed How to Ubuntu, which continues to receive tens of thousands of visitors. More recently I have started How to elementary as an alternative to How to Ubuntu for this beautifully designed new operating system. I have also made dozens of additions to the offficial elementary docs and begun work on an improved Vala tutorial.

Previously I have tutored at code days and moderated at several hackathons within my local area, and worked with several foundations to provide assistance to those seeking assistance while learning towards a career in a STEM field. I am also a community moderator on the elementary OS StackExchange, and have reached over three-hundred-thousand people across the StackExchange network.

How to Ubuntu

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How to elementary

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Karlie Kloss is a Model, ex-Victoria's Secret Angel, Baker, Philanthropist, and Computer Science Student at New York University. She founded the Kode With Klossy Summer Camp, a free two week program for girls 13-18 years old, and has funded 21 scholarships for women in Full Stack Web Development with a 100% success rate.