Lewis Goddard

Professional Experience

Production Technician

Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, VBScript, SQL, Windows CE
Where: Banham, Attleborough
When: 2014 – Current


  • Automated software and security patching for hundreds of users, resulting in a 98% drop in secuirty warnings.
  • Complimented and repaired existing systems, including taking half-a-million-pound daily-volume exit-scanning system from an average of 2-3 failures a day to none confirmed in the last 18 months, resulting in 12-man-hours saved every week.
  • Worked with terabyte-scale database systems, more than halving the average transaction time.
  • Custom-built various web-based software in support of personnel, including products for HR, Staff Sales, Emergency Contacts, and Support Ticketing for IT and Engineering.
  • Configured multiple redundancy access systems for off-site access without expensive and time-consuming travel.

Social Data Analyst

BBC Logo

Technologies: Python, Twitter API
Where: BBC, London
When: 2014

Successfully reported a Chilean earthquake in April 2014 to a London-based news center before local news began airing the warnings thanks to automated social analysis.

Data & Search Analyst


Technologies: Python, SQL, JavaScript
Where: CSA via GCHQ, Cheltenham
When: 2013


  • Built and maintained image-analysis engine capable of tracking temperature, speed, and direction over a series of time and location-aware photographs to identify a vehicle type.
  • Mathematically designed the architecture for a search engine with over 60 Trillion entries, nearly double Googles indexed pages at the time. The system continues to run within it's performance parameters at nearly five-times that load.
  • Worked as a liaison between no less than 6 intelligence agencies, including the now-notorious NSA, on making data searchable from several different sources and formats.

Support Technician

Technologies: Windows, Linux, Point-of-Sale Systems
Where: LocalFix, Bury St. Edmunds
When: 2010 – 2012

Conducted physical and digital repairs of various machines at both private residences and places of business, including Laptops, Desktops, Servers, Routers, Switches, and Point-of-Sale Systems.

Web Developer

Technologies: JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Python, SQL, Linux
Where: Freelance
When: 2010 – 2016

Built or maintained sites working in PHP and Python for a variety of private clients over several years, typically as a source of secondary income.

Altruistic Experience

Volunteer Web Developer and Community Moderator

The elementary Logo

Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, SQLite, WebTorrent, Linux
Where: elementary
When: 2012 – Current


  • Built elementary.io with automated testing and deployment.
  • Served over 1.2 million downloads, a petabyte of data, from a custom CDN with timestamp protection and seed-servers. Files are served from 6 different locations on 3 different continents.
  • Moderated the elementary OS StackExchange during beta, which has been the most visited active beta since it started.

Volunteer Systems Architect and Council Member

The eustasy Logo

Technologies: PHP, Python, SQL, Linux
Where: eustasy
When: 2007 – Current


  • Moved a sinkhole community into a self-sustaining status.
  • Open-Sourced more than 30 different software repositories and received hundreds of contributions from outside developers.
  • Paid out over $5,000 in bug bounties.
  • Re-built eustasy.org (premiering soon)

Regional Promoter

Cancer Research UK LogoBritish Red Cross Logo

Where: Cancer Research UK, Norwich
Where: British Red Cross, Norwich
When: 2012

Delivered localised promotions for various charities to assist with fundraising events, drives, and campaigns.

Volunteer Donations Assistant

The YMCA Logo

Where: The YMCA, Bury St. Edmunds
When: 2010 – 2011


  • Approached working in a new environment early.
  • Kept the entire staff amused with 5 muddled scalectric sets.
  • Bypassed an ADT 1000-series alarm while water is cascading down it more than a dozen times.


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